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Are you looking for the ideal bridal tiara—you know the one that is beautiful and suiting to your wedding dress? Don’t worry it’s not an impossible dream. I have decided to take on a challenge by snooping up some information on the best bridal tiara styles and etiquette that will help you is the true queen of your wedding day.

When I looked up on the latest bridal tiaras celebrities have been wearing, I noticed that been wearing is that the styles depend on their hair-dos. Imagine how you’d like to have your hair done on your wedding day. Catherine Zeta-Jones had a large jewelled tiara that sat regally on her with her hair totally pulled back up. If you wish your hair not to bother your cheeks and the bridal tiara to be admired, I’d suggest a large bridal tiara is best for you. A small tiara and veil accompanied Kourtney Kardashian on her big day. Her hair is flowing down in its natural curls. If you’d rather show off the locks, your future husband loves, you’d might consider a small bridal tiara.

“Working” the bridal tiara can be something any bride would be nervous about. Just thinking about becoming a queen for one day with an expensive tiara makes me nervous too. I found out that are wearing etiquettes that will guide you in pulling off the look. According to Geoffrey Munn, author of “Tiaras–a History of Splendour”, the jewels of the tiara should be worn at the same plane of your face. This will draw in admirers. A bride should also remember, bridal tiaras should represent a new kind of love and loss of innocence.

Now you have an idea of the bridal tiara trends today and the attitude you should have on your wedding day. Share this blog with this free information now. Everyone deserves the best wedding day topped off with a bridal tiara.

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A gift from a friend

One birthday I had just turned thirty, so it was a pretty big deal for me. I was opening my presents, and everyone got me the most beautiful things. They really showed me how much they cared about me on my very special birthday. My best friend in the whole world gave me this beautiful and very expensive watch that I absolutely adored. After a while, she noticed that she had never actually seen me wear the watch. She got upset and told me that if I didn’t like it I could always return it at the store because she kept the receipt. It was then that I had to explain that it was just the opposite. I told her that I loved that watch so much that I couldn’t subject it to everyday wear and tear. I brought her into my bedroom, and next to my jewelry box was the watch box she had given me the watch in. The box was open; the watch was on display, and I told her that I clean it every day, so it doesn’t get dusty. I explained that I was just waiting for a special occasion to wear the very special gift she had given to me. I told her how much it meant to me that she would get me something so special and explained that in return I wanted to take care of it as best that I could. She then saw how special it was to me because of how well kept it was, and she loved that I took such good care of her gift.

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TOP-MASQUERADE-MASKSI like to dress up for parties and events. One of the best ways to do this is to attend masquerade balls. Masquerade masks are an important part of enjoying the evening and bringing glamour to the occasion. I find it’s great fun finding out who is hiding behind the masks.

Ladies can have cat masks whilst men often hark back to warrior and classical heroes. I also like men’s masks that are associated with biker’s regalia like death’s head masks.

Venetian masks take you back to the time of the great 17th century Venetian balls with masks like the commedia dell’ Arte masks made of paper mache, leather, metal of modern light weight resins. I particularly like Venetian masks because they remind you of a different historical period and are suitably weird. The Bauta masks, which are also beautiful, are masks with feathers and especially the long nosed masks, which really stand out at a masquerade masks ball.

Masquerade masks bring with them a carnival atmosphere of display and parades and I enjoy the element of concealment and surprise. The masquerade masks, which cover the eyes, only can have so many variations and colors, which are really enjoyable. I think it’s a great way to mix the historical past with the variations of the present where we all like to dress up. I like the different styles whether harlequin masks or different colored butterfly or Mardi Gras masks. I enjoy the infinite variety, which allows people to express themselves and choose their identity for the night.

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Construction is tough work and sometimes we need the help of a giant piece of equipment we don’t own and can’t move easily like a pickup truck.

That piece of equipment is a crane and depending on the size of the job, there are different size cranes. They can range from three-ton to seventy-five ton models and can extend over twelve stories or more.

On some job sites the real super hero is the crane. That is, unless the crane hire includes a crane operator and he (or she) is the real super hero.

I’ve seen operators pick up a massive load off a rooftop that they can’t see and raise it and gently place in on the ground exactly where it was supposed to go. Then there’s operators who’ll do the opposite, lift from the ground and plant the cargo in the exact spot it needs to be on the roof.

The precision of these operators is insane.

When renting a crane the things that allow the operator to do these feats include a solid footing without underground structures like pipes or tanks as well as no overhead obstructions like power lines to deal with.

The liability coverage required is specifically to protect all parties concerned and I’ve never seen an incident resulting from a crane job as they don’t proceed unless everything checks out before moving the load.

The crane operators are professionals and so are the crane owners who rent out their equipment. As such, each job is a serious event and handled as such from start to finish.

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WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A LAWYERA good communicator. Able to respond to phone messages and e-mails in a timely fashion. Someone who tells you what to expect, but offers suggestions to assist along the way. A person who can take the lead, but accepts and listens to your feedback.

Someone who is professional in every way, but can be there for you when things get a bit too heavy or start to fall apart. A person who has an orderly office, and is focused on you and your siltation when they have to be.

These are just some of the things that make a good family lawyer.

Of course that lawyer should also have experience in divorces and should have settled a number of them as well.

Going through a divorce can be a messy and complicated time in anyone’s life and the last thing you need to add to the stress and problems is a lawyer who isn’t really on the same page as you.

You need a leader, but not necessarily a cheerleader.

It’s not a contest to see who gets the most of the money, property or whatever.

You want a lawyer who cares about you enough to try to guide you through the firestorm and protect you from getting more than a little singed.

Shopping for a divorce lawyer is not as hard as it may sound. Ask for information on how long they’ve been practicing family law and starting from there can work in your favor when you need someone who can help you reach a quick and painless settlement.

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My Tips for Selling Rims Successfully

When selling  rims I know it’s a popular item so I emphasize how good a vehicle looks with great rims. They make a vehicle which looks great even better because the best rims are so stylish they are a work of art.

I go for chrome plated and burnished because they look so good better than steel or aluminum. If the client has bought a good car he’s going to want the best so I sell him the best available together with the tires and offer a good price on the discounted tires.

If the client is  looking for cheap rims because he doesn’t want to spend too much then I offer him the most cost effective option in cheap rims and stress how much money he is saving as he avoids reconditioning and repair bills. I also  point out that- he will avoid garage service bills and labor charges which are really a major item of expenditure nowadays.

If the client wants to just buy the rims without tires I do everything I can to push him to buy the tires as well as a safety issue as correct balancing and mounting means a car which drives better and doesn’t suffer from vibration or  bad cornering. Having the tire treads the correct depth is a legal demand and drivers can get find for incorrect tire tread depth. Rims are things of beauty and style but they are also an essential part of the safety apparatus of the car.

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What to Expect When You Sell Your Shipping Container to a Company

For several years, I used a modified container as an artist studio in my backyard. The “studio” was very comfortable to work in, but after my painting took off I was able to afford a space in town where I could work as well as set up a selling gallery. Now, I was left with this shipping container/studio in my backyard and I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

I sold a shipping container to a company that specializes in buying, selling and leasing the containers. They also modify the containers to be used as offices, studios, or climate controlled storage. The company made it as easy as possible and the process was very fast.

First, the company had me send pictures of the container, both inside and out. Since my shipping container had already been converted for use as a studio, I had to send additional pictures of the work that was done to modify the container. I was worried they would not accept the container since it had been modified but it turns out they take modified containers all the time.

The fact that my container had only been used to ship cargo once was a benefit in my favor. The container had a factory paint job that protected it from rust and there were no shipping labels on it.

The company requested that I remove some of the modifications like flooring in order to make the container as light as possible for transport. This was very easy to do and only took a few hours.

They also asked me to send any pictures of fences, buildings, or narrow streets that could make removing the container more difficult. Luckily, I do not have a fence, so picking up the container was very simple.

I’m so glad I chose to sell the container to a shipping container company. They made the process easy and painless.

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Food Trucks for Sale

Food Trucks for SaleI have been looking for food trucks for sale. I haven’t had much luck finding a food truck to purchase. I was hoping to find a truck that was already outfitted for the type of food I want to sale, but most are like mini diners. I was hoping for something with more refrigeration. I want to have a fresh foods kind of truck. I want to serve salads and fruits more than fried burgers and hot dogs. I know that I can make my salads gourmet tasting using fresh ingredients. This may not be what most people expect from a food truck, but all of us should be eating healthier diets.

The search continues for a food truck that suits my needs and desires. I refuse to purchase a truck and then to refurbish the entire contents to suit me. I feel this will be cost prohibitive. Someone actually suggested starting off with a food cart, but there is not enough storage room or enough room to prepare the food. The food would all have to be pre made which goes completely against the type of business that I am hoping to build.

Another characteristic I would like to find in my perfect food truck is one that has some fitting to make it more “green” or earth friendly. I don’t want it to be a fuel hog. I would also be able to fit it with some solar panels. Some people are going to tell me this is completely ridiculous for a food truck, but I will keep looking until I find what I want.

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We sold our go karts!  I never thought we’d sell them, but we did!  I was so happy, sad to see them go, but happy that they were going to a family that looked like they’d take good care of them.  They had a set of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl who were having their 11th birthday this weekend and they wanted to surprise them and this was the best deal they had found.  They also said not only that, but the condition that they had been kept in was outstanding.

The twins already were into go carts, but only used the ones they had to rent when they spent the day at the go kart track outside of town.  They’d always wanted their own but it never seemed to fall in the budget at the right time. This was the right time though as he was told that they had been saving extra every paycheck for a year now and had enough to not  just get one they could share, but one for each of them.

They were going to be so happy, and my wife and I were happy for them.  Like I said it looked like they were going to a good home and I hoped that their twins got at least half the amount of good times out of them as we had as kids.  Did I mention that they had belonged to my brother and me both and that we were twins too?  Identical.

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Things to think of when selling a hedgehog

Things to think of when selling a hedgehog I find selling a hedgehog  easy! Once a buyer sees them the hedgehog almost sells itself. It’s cute and has its own personality and is an original pet. I think hedgehogs sell better than other exotic pets. I tell people they are easy to keep and the hedgehog does bond with their owner.

I encourage people to select their hedgehog while it’s still with us as a baby so that when they visit they can encourage the bonding process. It’s very rare that we get a hedgehog returned but if we do for any reason we will do our best to find another caring home for it.

I think some people like a certain color of hedgehog, white or brown or cinnamon color. I advice buyers on how to care for their hedge hog and feed it.  I think that some buyers are worried about the hedgehog’s quills especially if they have children but actually they are no problem at all and hedgehogs hardly ever bite. I think it’s  like any animal which responds to loving care and a good environment.

Part of selling a hedgehog is I think good advice to the owner so I always supply a booklet on how to look after the hedgehog and keep it well fed and clean. I always find that selling a hedgehog face to face is easy because it really sells itself. People are really attracted when they see a hedgehog and they are happy to buy it.

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I love video games! If I could get paid for playing them, I would do it all day long, 24/7. There are no words to describe my passion for them, it’s not only that I am transformed into a world that is more fun and vivid than the one I live in, but the feeling you get when you win is instant gratification, better than anything else I have ever felt. Because I had to find a job that actually pays, I started computer programming, but my heart is not in it. I live in my parents’ basement and though we have a set of rules, I finally managed to convince them to allow me to install……yes!!!! A pinball machine!

Even before they caved in, I did my research and found the company selling a pinball machine that I instantly fell in love with. It was a little off my initial budget, but I decided that I would do it anyway, and it was so worth it! I did not regret it even once. The pinball machine is everything I wanted – it is a classic model, with the same pattern and theme that I remember from my childhood. It fit perfectly with the décor and made it much better. Now this is the place I can call home. The company selling a pinball machine not only delivered it on time, but also followed up with inquiries whether it is working and how my overall experience has been. One thing is certain – this machine is everything I wanted!

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Caravan Park New Home

Caravan Park New HomeMy brother and I used to be frequent visitors to our parents caravan park during the warm summer months. It was a great escape from the city for both of us. We usually visit our parents the same weekend. It would be like a nice little family reunion for us. We would escape to the countryside and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. The park the rented from was located down a long lane in the rolling countryside so there were ample places to take long quiet hikes.

After our parents passed, we sold their caravan. But now that my brother and I are both a little older and have families of our own, we decided to jointly purchase a caravan to use as a family getaway. After two summers of enjoying more family time, we decided to take some of our inheritance and purchase our very own caravan park.

We began searching caravan parks for sale. It didn’t take us long to find one that suited us. It was located near a sweet seaside village. It is within walking distance of a great pub and a few restaurants. When our friends found out we were purchasing a caravan park, they thought we were crazy. We invited them to visit. We actually keep an extra caravan in our park for friends and family to use. Our friends quickly changed their minds and are now in the process of buying a caravan so they can stay in our park.

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A New Classic: Tungsten Wedding Bands

Breaking with tradition can be one of the most invigorating decisions that you can ever make. Keeping up with the newest trends while still keeping that timeless spirit alive can help a modern man feel like he can fit in anywhere he goes. This is true even when it comes to wedding rings. I had always felt that gold and silver rings once dominated the market place, but tungsten wedding bands have become the new classic when it comes to wedding rings.

There is a reason that tungsten wedding bands are becoming so popular.

For one, they are practically indestructible. Tungsten has only recently become a popular choice for rings and I have noticed that everyone who has one always talks about how they don’t scratch, bend, or break and can handle pretty much anything. I think that this is one of the main selling points in that you will never have to buy another ring again. You won’t have to worry about any wear and tear on the metal since it doesn’t wear and tear. I know with gold jewelry that I already own it needs to be polished and shined since there are always faint scratches and scrapes that begin to appear over time. This just is not a problem with tungsten wedding bands since they are such a sturdy metal. Since they are cheaper than the precious metals it also makes for a great savings when you finally make your purchase.

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How Masquerade Masks Were Invented

How Masquerade Masks Were InventedMy parents took one of those cruises that stop in several countries and they brought me back a Venetian mask as a souvenir. It got me wondering how the masquerade mask came about. I did some research and I found out the masquerade masks were at first used to hide Italian citizens’ identity, whenever they were protesting against the government or the aristocrats in charge. Later, the masks became part of the grandeur and theme of the Carnival of Venice in the 1600s. Surprisingly, the masks worn during the time of the carnival were made of porcelain, leather, and even glass. Masks makers held a high position in Venetian society and at the height of the masks’ popularity, there were even mask maker guilds. In the eighteenth century, the king of Austria outlawed the carnival and the wearing of masks. After they became illegal, the masks were not seen again until the 1800s when aristocrats would wear them to private masquerade balls both in Venice and across Europe.

I was surprised to find out the carnival did not return until 1979. As the carnival regained its popularity, the masks became popular again, as well. There are mask makers in Venice who make mask the old way (including using glass), but some mask makers have turned to more modern materials. In the 1600s, masquerade masks were fairly simple but nowadays, masks are much more elaborate, intricate, and heavily embellished. The masks are such a big part of the Carnival of Venice that there is even a contest for the most beautiful carnival mask.

Knowing the history of the mask, makes me treasure it more.

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Why We Sold Our Campground When We Didn’t Think We Wanted To.

When we bought our campground several years ago, it was very run down and barely making ends meet. We bought it with the intention of fixing it up and selling it for a profit. But after putting that much work into renovating the campground, we grew attached to it and to the group of regular families that stayed there. Eventually, we lost sight of our initial goal of being campground flippers and became campground owners.

Not long ago, we were laughing about how we came to own and operate a campground and that laughter opened up a serious conversation: Should we sell our campground?

It was what we planned to do in the beginning but was it what we wanted to do now? There were many upsides to keeping our campground. The biggest one was that it was profitable. We made a very comfortable living running the campground. The second, but it was almost as close as the first was that owning the campground let us work for ourselves. It was hard work but it was for something we owned.

At first, it seemed like keeping the campground was the best thing for us as there seemed to be few drawbacks. Then we started to think about the small things we weren’t able to enjoy since we were small business owners. For instance, even though the campground was profitable, we weren’t able to hire lots of additional help and this meant one of us had to be at the campground pretty much 24/7. Also, we hadn’t been on a vacation since we purchased the campground. The more we talked the more it seemed going back to our original idea was the best thing for us. It took a little doing and we took a long route, but in the end we were able to achieve our original goal: Purchase a campground, renovate it, and flip it for a profit. Now we’re on to our next business adventure.